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Grace and Ray are very professional and fast!

I love working with Grace and Ray because they both are very professional and they are very fast. They are always talking to me about the other sides to remind me and helping me to sort out . They are always looking at all the contracts and all paper works. They are very precise on what we are doing. I love that! They made my part a lot of easier than ever! Thank you Grace and Ray for this great experience. It was very fast, professional, and I recommend them!!

Wisdom Lee Komori

Grace and Ray are very professional and fast!

I love working with Grace and Ray because they both are very professional and they are very fast. They are always talking to me about the other sides to remind me and helping me to sort out . They are always looking at all the contracts and all paper works. They are very precise on what we are doing. I love that! They made my part a lot of easier than ever! Thank you Grace and Ray for this great experience. It was very fast, professional, and I recommend them!!

Wisdom Lee Komori

I have been acquainted with Grace and Ray Liao over the past 4 months but came to know them well as they were engaged as my real estate agents through First Team Real Estate group.

  In October 2015, I interviewed a number of agents.  The first of which although friendly was ultimately dishonest in their representation of the details of the deal.  Grace and Ray were recommended to me by a close friend and church member.  She said “Grace and Ray will get the job done and done quickly, just be ready to take action when you sign them up”.  I never realized how true that statement would be until I officially signed them up as agents.  Immediately a course of action was determined and a plan put in place.  My aging home needed renovations and they were connected with contractors standing ready to go into action.  First, the overall construction plan followed by the HVAC and the yard work, the electrics, and finally the home inspection details.  When it came to collecting items to support the contractors they were the first to head to Home Depot or contact suppliers.  When it came to negotiating the construction costs they were standing beside me as we agreed on the areas that needed to be done. And when it came to managing the work they stepped in when I couldn’t be on site.   In my career as a Senior Projects Manager I saw firsthand as they were Open to ideas and changes.  They were honest and represented my needs in a clear way?  They were Trustworthy when managing the finances of a project. And they were Active and energetic driving to get the project done.  Grace and Ray met all my criteria and more. And further they act quickly to minimize costs with their proven sales strategies.    I am very pleased and very thankful that Grace and Ray became my agents.  To any prospective homeowner looking for real estate agents I recommend Grace and Ray.  Get them now to get your real estate issues solved.      Many thanks and congratulations,   Cleo Calloway, Jr. 

Grace and Ray helped me last year for buying a house and selling my another house.

They are very diligent, detailed and professional. For example, when I remodeled the house which I was going to sell, Grace and Ray spent a lot of time to plan and monitor the work. Their effort made the house to be sold in a very short time.

Ying Peng

"Dream Home Came True!

" said Megumi and KatsuhiroMegumi and Katsuhiro are first time buyers in SoCal. They had relocated from New York and Texas separately three years ago. They are immigrants from Japan. They told Grace and Ray after they received the keys of their dream home that they had had a discussion before close of escrow that they thought they might fallen out of escrow because their lender delayed to send in the funds. Before that they cancelled an escrow and lost a deal with back up offer. They felt that they were unlucky and meant to be renters. "Don't loss your faith because you are in good hands," Grace and Ray told Megumi and Katsuhiro. Here is their testimonial:Grace and Ray were really available 24/7, and always under any circumstances, they were always paying attention to our deals and provided us with appropriate advices on timely manner. With Grace and Ray's patience and continued support, finally we really could find the future dream home. We really appreciate Grace and Ray's work and in the future, if there is another chance to deal with buying or selling property, we will definitely ask Grace and Ray. In the end, all we want to say is our dream to buy our ideal dream house came true thanks to Grace and Ray.  -- Megumi and Katsuhiro Kume

I am very satisfied with the professional service Grace and Ray provided for me.

They are very professional agents who are always thinking ahead for their clients and protecting clients' rights by giving clients honest advises and suggestions. They negotiated the highest listing price for my house in under 24 hours with not only efficiency but also precision. Grace and Ray are the only agents I would recommend for anyone who is looking to buy or sell a house.

Claire Lee

Grace and Ray Worked Diligently to Win Us the Dream Home!

We had been looking to purchase a new home in Irvine for over a year after we sold our previous home. We were very selective buyers looking for a great house in the best location. For these types of houses there was always multiple buyers and we had been outbid 4 times with all cash offers. After we met with Grace she convinced us to let her give it one more shot. Both Grace and Ray worked diligently to make our next offer more unique and the sellers took it! We were so happy we had finally purchased our dream house! If it wasn't for Grace and Ray, we'd have given up and settled for less. Thanks a lot Grace and Ray !

Brian and Christine

"Grace and Ray are Professional, Diligent, and Detail-Oriented!

 " said Ying.    Ying is one of the neighbors in our farm. We knocked on her door and found that she went to the same university as Ray did. Her son wants to live closer to her. She asked us to find them a good one. We did. We bought that house at least $8,000 cheaper than the next competitor because when sellers and buyers both signed the Purchase Agreement, an offer came in to offer $8,000 higher than ours. Ying was very happy so she listed a house with us and we help her cash out the highest in that neighborhood with multiple offers. We sold her house more than $500 per square feet when the average sold price is at $375 per square feet.    We are thrilled by Ying's comments:"Professional, Diligent, and Detail-Oriented!  With Grace and Ray's help, I Bought my dream home with the BEST PRICE and Sold my home to the HIGHEST PRICE!" -- Ying

"Grace and Ray are Sharp and Professional!

" said Paula and Tom.We met Tom and his youngest daughter at an open house one and half year ago. He worked with an agent whom is one of his family friends. We invited him to sit down to talk with us to check it out what's the difference between us. He denied at our face that he felt he need to go with that agent. We respected his decision and wished him the best. About one month later, he called us for an appointment, but refused to signed Broker Buyer Agreement with us. He told us that he would try to work with us and that agent at the same time to see if we are better than that agent. At that time, Tom told us that his whole family and he himself bought houses from that agent for years. We gave him a period of time and asked him to make such decision. It took him like a quarter to make this decision. He came back to us when we thought  that we lost him. He signed Broker Buyer Agreement with us to start our journey as a team to buy him a new dream home. Here we are. We put a big smile on him, his wife and his kids. They told us that they don't need to hunting for another agent because they all believe that Grace and Ray are the right team for them.Below is the testimonial sent to us from Paula and Tom:Grace and Ray are Sharp and Professional!We really appreciate Grace and Ray to help us to move up to our dream home with our limited budget! They worked for us for more than one year and submitted offers for more than seventeen times in order to align with our limited budget. In the very last time, my wife was very upset with me because even she thought that I was low ball again! However, Grace and Ray did not get upset with me. They just told me that they will do their best to take advantage of the flatter market, but they said "the fair market value should be $750 K instead of $720K." Grace and Ray negotiated the tough price for us when the listing was on the market less than 10 days!Grace and Ray negotiated for us the best price and they did win us the dream home with the budget that I could afford! When we opened escrow, three hours later after our was accepted, three other all cash offers came in all offered at $750K! We were told by the listing agent that we got a great deal and Grace and Ray owe her a treat!

We had a very smoothly escrow closed within 3 weeks. With Grace and Ray's help, we are the new owner of this beautiful dream home that every family member all enjoy it. Thank you very much, Grace and Ray! We understand now that working with Grace and Ray as a team, follow their suggestions will not only save us money, but time. If we are to buy or sell or lease real estate, Grace and Ray will be the only choice that we go for! We are hoping that Grace and Ray will help others to find their dream home, too. --Paula and Tom 

Grace and Ray are very professional and fast!

I love working with Grace and Ray because they both are very professional and they are very fast. They are always talking to me about the other sides to remind me and helping me to sort out . They are always looking at all the contracts and all paper works. They are very precise on what we are doing. I love that! They made my part a lot of easier than ever! Thank you Grace and Ray for this great experience. It was very fast, professional, and I recommend them!!

Wisdom Lee Komori

Grace and Ray know what works best for their clients!

 When I started thinkinng about selling my family home, it was a very emotional time. I wanted to finnd a real estate agent who understood what our home meant to me. After considering the services available, I chose Grace and Ray because they were very involved, knowledgeable, professional and well connected. They guided me through the process seamlessly, engaged a sound plan from preparation to showing and executed it wonderfully. My home was considered by multiple buyers, national and international, resulting in fast activity and multiple offers. Ther result was a buyer with a family I knew would love my home as I did and have a wonderful place to raise their family as well as providing me with an excellent sale above the asking price. I am grateful and would recommend them to anyone looking to sell their home. Most sincerely,Seller of 25 Clear CreekMaria Shier (714)319-9405

Maria Shier

Grace Fang, helped me to sell my house in Irvine, 2014, that I had no lock until I met her.

If I have any other occasion to buy or sell I will deal with Grace matt Sahin

Matt Sahin

Grace and Ray's professionalism rock!

Grace and Ray's performances are so professional that with their helps we are able to move in a brand new home in a gated community and get a loan smoothly from a lender that we never though that we are going to qualify with. They pointed out pro and cons of every houses that they showed us and found this even better option for us to suprise us -- we then understood that add just an afforadable amount of money we could have a totally upgraded new home! Thanks for Grace and Ray's professionalism and skills of negoitation to protect us well and deliver extra-ordernary services that are over our expectation. We, therefore, highly recomomnd Grace and Ray to help you to reach your real estate goal! They rock!

Winter Lee

"Grace and Ray helped us to buy a Standard Sale with a Sold Price Even Better Than a Short Sale!

" said Mr. and Mrs. Li.Grace and Ray help us bought two houses in Irvine; one for ourselves, the other for one of our kids. They are very professional, thoughtful, and considerate. They provided us with beyond services that we have a peace of mind. They not only found us dream homes, but also negotiated the best price which were too good to be true to us. They are willing to spend time to explain to us about California Real Estate regulations, laws, bylaws, and questions we had had. Whenever we have questions, they explained patiently. They treat us just like one of  their family. Should anyone that we know like to making a real estate move; we would strongly recommend Grace and Ray to represent you to buy or sell or lease the house because we have all good experiences with Grace and Ray.  They are the one and only one candidate that we don't want to miss. We have made up our mind that if we want to make the next real estate move, Grace and Ray will be the one team that we go for. We bought from them, leased with them. We will definitely sell with them in the future because they help us reach our real estate financial goals with top money. Tell me where you can find such an agent not only honesty to clients, but also sharp and professional-- they even bought us a standard sale with price that's better than a short sale!! ~the Li's

Grace Fang once again demonstrated her professional and personable quality of service.

With her help, we are able to find the tenant and complete the leasing contract in three weeks. I would recommend Grace Fang to anyone who is looking to sell or purchase of property.

Greta Wang-Kao

"Grace and Ray Met and Exceeded All Our Needs and Delivered on Their Promises Every Day.

" said David Edwards."If you're looking to hire a Broker willing to go the extra mile everyday then Grace and Ray are your choice. They are professional, dedicated, and pay close attention to all the little details necessary to get the deal done right. I'm not the easiest client to deal with but Grace and Ray met and exceeded all our needs and delivered on their promises every day. I don't need to search for another agent because Grace and Ray are the only one I need to call. They'll put together a team that guarantees to maximize on all needs and demands!" --David and Jennifer Edwards

Grace and Ray team are professional, honest, diligent, smart, kind, and effectively achieved our goals to open escrow within 11 days.

They spent money for marketing our property, not like fishing in a hook; they made a net to bring the best possible results, before they received the commission so we understood NOT EVERY BROKERAGE IS THE SAME. They successfully generated six groups of qualified buyers; hence, we can carefully select the most suitable one to open escrow. Grace and Ray took care of every detail, gave us above and beyond suggestions, their marketing plans started from just listed, from printed to online media, their completed marketing strategies and experienced negotiation skills pushed the envelope to the highest. They deserve a full commission. We strongly recommend you to hire Grace and Ray because they honor every commitment professionally; we are extremely happy and enjoy peace of mind! Grace and Ray is the best choice for sellers!

Jean and Oscar Wang

Grace and Ray Negotiated a 5% Lash!

 They're Truly Professional, Knowledgeable and Strategic...Grace and Ray Reached Agreement with A Whopping 5% Lash in the Asking Price." said PenEn and EnYi Su   We were very fortunate to have Grace and Ray as our agents. As soon as we expressed our strong interest in a certain property, Grace and Ray took action and within 2 days reached an oral agreement with the seller, with a whopping 5% lash in the asking price. They moved so quickly that we opened escrow in another 3 business days, and in the end closed escrow in 28 days. This allowed us to buy the property without much competition from other buyers. Throughout this process, they always looked out for us in every little detail, reviewing all documents sent to us before we signed. This was particularly important because there were a lot of loose ends in the paperwork sent to us and they made sure our rights were not compromised. In addition, they negotiated even more with the seller for us on various aspects, including a high end home owner insurance, many request for repair items, credit back on cleaning fee, or even items the seller will leave for us, just to name a few. Grace and Ray are truly professional, knowledgeable and strategic. Whether we try to reach them through phone calls, email or text message, they would always respond promptly and explain everything clearly and patiently. They represent for their clients as if they are selling/buying for themselves. We would highly recommend Grace and Ray as your real estate agent.       --Pin-En and En-Yi 

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